Provo Pride is thrilled to announce that the fifth annual Provo Pride Festival will be held right in the heart of the city at the historic Provo Courthouse. September 16 will be a day to remember for years to come!

We’re also happy about the festival theme for this year: Moving Mountains. It’s no accident that our logo features a snow-capped mountain. Our community of queer folks and allies faces enormous challenges, perhaps now more than ever, but this is our home and we’re not going anywhere. We will not back down; the only way forward is towards the mountaintop.

How do you move a mountain?

Start picking up rocks. There has never been a mountain that wasn’t just a big pile of pebbles. There are many of us, with twice as many hands. We can do anything.

All we need is each other.

Provo Pride needs your help. We’re facing new and bigger challenges than we have before. As we approach our fifth anniversary, we must hold up a light for the larger community. Utah Valley is home to nearly a million people. Many of them wonder if this is a safe place to live for someone who doesn’t fit the mold. Many need help understanding that we are and always have been a part of their community.

So how can you help? The Provo Pride Council is open to anyone who would like to participate.  We need help raising funds, planning events, and reaching out to the community. We need help getting out a very important message to every person in Utah Valley: you are loved and you can make it. Provo Pride loves you!


Contact Provo Pride by email, on facebook, on or feel free to contact any member of the Provo Pride board or council if you want to be involved.


Provo Pride Council

Last edited March 21, 2017

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